Problem mating Fuze w/ Maximo FM transmitter

New to the forum here and hoping someone has had experience with this. I’ve had my 4GB Fuze since receiving it as a Christmas present and love it. This spring I thought I’d take it on the road and found that the Sansa product page recommended the Maximo SAN-360 FM transmitter, a cigarette adapter unit with a 30-pin plug that actually charges the Fuze while it broadcasts music files from the Fuze over my truck’s FM radio. Sounded great. Only problem is, after the initial setup and a few miles of music bliss, all of a sudden my Fuze thinks it’s connected to my computer’s USB, quits playing music and just displays “Connected” with a black screen. Yuk. Yes, I’ve downloaded the latest firmware (02.26A), and yes, I tried to contact Sansa support detailing my problem, but all I got back from them was “We received the email you sent to us at, however we were not able to determine the nature of your request.”

At least Maximo’s support people were willing to try. I sent the Maximo unit back to them (I had purchased it new on eBay) and they tested it. Of course, it worked like a charm, but they sent me another new one anyway, which turned around and did the same thing as before, so I’m pretty sure the problem lies with the Fuze. I even went in and restored all the factory settings, changed the USB modes and everything I could think of to try. Nothing works. Can anybody out there give a guy advise? Thanks.

Try a simple fix that won’t affect your music.  Roll back your firmware to the previous version, using the manual method, and try the Fuze again with the Maximo.  Let’s see where the device’s desire to go back to data mode might be coming from.

Before doing this, try manually selecting MSC or MTP mode, as the AutoDetect program may be causing it to flop modes.  Be sure to post your results, or PM me with your findings.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

OK, I’m pretty new to the Fuze. How do I “roll back the firmware using the manual method”? And I have tried all three USB modes.

Get the firmware and follow the manual instructions in this post.

So I finally contacted Sansa through the eBox and they paid to return my Fuze to them. I got back the replacement today, loaded one playlist of tunes and gave it a try. All seems to be OK. We’ll see what a long-term test does.

As an aside, in the meantime I bought a competitor’s FM transmitter (the latest Griffin Universal [headphone jack] w/ Smart Scan or something like that), and I must say, the Maximo that uses the 30-pin plug is so much better – hardly any gain loss to the FM radio in my truck. The Griffin was so bad you could hardly hear anything. I hope this new Fuze works without a hitch so that I can keep the Maximo. Thanks for all your help.