problem keeping files as I name them?

I often have flac, mp3 and cd burned music on my player. When putting these files into sdcard or internal memory, they often display long number codes before title or other blunders. When I rename them in sansa program they do not keep info when applied to player. The file format option is most easy for finding my music. I’m not a big tech guy, someone please help!!!???

What USB mode is your player set to? MTP mode (or Auto, which defaults to MTP) will sometimes do this. Unless you are using DRM-encrpted or subscription tracks (like Rhapsody, Audible, etc.), I’d delete them all from the player (formatting will do this in 1 quick step), switch your player to MSC mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MSC) and re-load them.

Much thanks for the info!   :-)