Problem in forcing MSC mode

I get a message:

“J:/ refers to a location that is unavailable”

and then it disconnect, so that its still charging and i can see the clip menu but not the folders.

(tried the hold+ and its on MSC mode, but its get connected for a sec and then disconnected) 

Note: I once had a similar problem with my SanDisk U3 Flash drive, and a friend fixed it and told me that i need to allocate different letter to the USB but I cant remeber what he did (something in “my computer”)

To work around this problem, log off and then log on to your computer after the offline-files synchronization process is completed. By doing this, you permit the orphaned drive to be cleared from the system.


Microsoft KB 840749

Every time i’m connecting my E250 in MSC mode and then disconnect and connect the clip i’ve the same problem that the clip is not recognized in MSC mode, and i’ve to restart my computer (log off didnt work) and only then i can connect my clip in MSC mode. What is that happening with the Clip (never had a problem with the E250) and usn’t there a work around? (have 29H)


Been there, done that! Here’s what your friend did: 

Right-click My Computer, click Manage, go to Disk Management (takes awhile to read all the devices), find the Clip (it won’t have a drive letter), right-click it and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths…then assign it an unused drive letter - and it should show up in Exploder and be OK from then on.

Note that on some PCs, plugging it into a different USB port will cause the same issue (no drive letter) all over again. Just test it right off and fix it for all the ports you might use

Let us know if this corrects the issue…