Problem: I have to turn off my Sansa Express in order for my usb to recognize it

It seems like I often have to shut down my sansa express player in order for my USB device manager to recognize it. Otherwise I’ll plug it into my laptop and nothing will happen if it is already turned playing music or on the FM radio. But when I completely shut down the sansa express and THEN put it in the USB device then it seems to work properly and my laptop recognizes it (including napster) - it just makes it a hassle when I’m trying to download music - just wish the process was a bit simpler.

Note: it also seems like I have to make sure that when I’m shutting down the mp3 player that no music is playing…like I have to hit ‘pause’ first and THEN shut down the mp3 player otherwise it doesn’t seem to work that way either. strange…

Here’s my system info:

HP Pavilion dv1000 - Microsoft Windows XP Home 2002 service pack 3

OS: Windows XP Home v. 2002 s
CPU/Ram: Intel Pentium M Processor
Model/Manufacturer: HP Pavilion dv1000