Problem: I deleted a song from my sansa. Now whe i try to put it back on it doesn't work.

I wanted to edit a song that I already had on my sansa.  After the song was changed I tried to load it into my sansa.  it kept saying song already on device.  When I would check the song it was the song pre editing.  So I manually deleted it from my sansa.  When I try to put it back on, it’ll say it’s added, but when I play the song it just skips to the next song.  It is getting really annoying because I use it to teach a dance class, and we haven’t been able to practice this certain song because i can’t put it back on my mp3 player.  Has anyony had this happen or know how to fix it?   PLEASE HELP!!!

What did you do to the song to edit it?

Because it sounds like the Fuze does not like whatever you did…

Skipping often times indicates an encoder problem; or in your case a problem with the edit.  This (skipping to the next track) can happen even without an edit if there is a problem with the file during the encoding process.  Some times sound editiors will leave trash at the beginning or the end of the files, confusing playback devices or software, not allowing them to play properly.

If we knew the specifics in what you are trying accompish with the edits, and what software and procedure you are using, we may be able to offer some additional help.