PROBLEM| Files appears empty in pc but the memory is full-sansa clip + 8gb

Hello guys I got massive problem, my pc and my player says that I got 200 mb left, but when I go to the files in my pc all files appears empty so I can’t delete anything!

Its huge problem coz I want to change all the music in it, any ideas what I can do?

O am using windows 8 consumer preview adetion.

thnx for support.

The files which you have trasnferred to ur player through MTP will not be visible wen u connect it in MSC mode, and Vice Versa.

If u can’t see the files in MTP mode (For windows OS MTP is the default connection mode)

then Go to>>Setting>>system settings>>USB mode and change it to MSC mode.

or u can Press and hold the center button while connecting the device to the PC.

Hope that’ll help.

hey!,thnx for quick responce,but still no luck here.

when I conect in MTP mode I see al l the files but the all empty even though the pc says only 200 mb left out of 7+ gb.

when I conect in MSC mode I see only some four files:3 SYS and 1SDK and nothing about music,playlists etc…

If you have a backup for files that might be on clip, format and start over restricing yourself to either MSC or MTP all the time. Unless you are using protected titles, stay with MSC

You should see everything when using the clip. Look in folder marked MTP under folder option and see what files are there.