Problem Deleting Files on TakeTV from a Mac

Whenever I attempt to delete from my 4gb drive on a Mac, the file is never really gone. It is stored in a hidden trash file on the drive.

Because those files in the trash are still there (but hidden)I cannot add a new file to the drive if will put the total file size on the drive over 4gb. However, there is no way to delete those “trashed” files. Normally on any other flash drive, the files in the trash will be overwritten, but thats not the case with my TakeTV.

Has anyone else run into this problem and did you find a solution?


when deleteing files from the device you will also need to empty the trash before removing the taketv from the mac. all you need to do now if format the take tv in disk utility. make sure to use msdos file type for the file system. in the future when you delete files make sure to empty the trash before removing the device. 

Thanks, Dr. That worked perfectly.