Problem copying music from PC to M250

Hello all.

I’ve run into a bit of a problem copying music from my PC to my M250.

Ever since I got a new computer, it seems to stall anytime I copy an MP3 and WMA.

Here’s what I mean. I plug in my M250 as usual. Then I copy a music file to it. Then the status bar appears and tells me the progress of the transfer. For example, it normally takes 5 to 10 seconds to copy a single music file to the M250. But once the status bar is filled and the 5 to 10 seconds are up, the status bar remained for a good 10 minutes before it closed and the MP3 was on the M250. I tried copying  about 30 songs at once, and after 20 minutes, only 3 songs had been copied.



Al B Damned (the computer dummy)

PS: I don’t know if this is relevant. On my old computer, anytime I plugged in the M250, it would appear as " Devices with Removable Storag, Sansa M250 (F:)" on windows explorer. Now, it appears as “Other, Sansa M250.” Why is that?

Did you switch modes? Check your mode under settings on
the player. There is MTP/Auto Detect and MSC.

Then review the User Guide and Videos
                                          Click Here

Someone else may know about this. In the mean time
make sure your settings are how you need them.