Problem caused by incompatible 30-pin plug and resolution.

I’m posting this in the hope it might be helpful to others. I have a Sansa 2gig (Fuse, I think) that locked up with an illuminated screen after plugging in a new connector I ordered off the Internet to replace a missing cord. The cord was reportedly compatible with Sansa Rhapsody e260 but when I plugged it in (no problem with the fit), the screen went blank but was still brightly illuminated. When I disconnected then reconnected the unit, Windows gave me this message: “USB Device not recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it”. Clicking on the error message displays another dialog box which said “USB Root - Unknown Device”. I tried everything including holding the off button in the off posistion for 20-30 seconds. I was about to discard the unit when I finally got it to turn off by holding the button in the off position and pressing the home (or menu) key. I have no idea why this worked. Now I just need to locate a Sansa factory connector wire I can trust. Sansa needs to be much clearer about the connector requirements to prevent folks from frying their units. Whatever you do, don’t use an IPod connector!!!

I hope this will help others. Replies appreciated.

Here you, get the Real McCoy!!  The original equipment Sansa 30-pin cable is available from the Sansa Store.

Yes, there are others out there, and some are very nice.  Macally and Belkin make some very nice ones.  These aftermarket ones are backed by excellent warranties, too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: