Problem adding songs to Fuze


I used to use an iMac, adding files to the Fuze’s internal memory by the drag and drop method. Basically navigating to the music folder and dropping the files from iTunes into the Fuzes music folder. The Mac is now broken and I’m forced to use a PC, Windows XP SP3.

I am trying to add music files to the player but I can’t. I’ve tried three things, each failing.

  1. In MTP mode I load WMP, go to sync device and add a playlist. It fails on every track, not adding any.

  2. In MTP mode I click the Fuze icon in my computer, navigating to the “Music” folder. When I try to add music, both from the desktop or the iTunes music folder it tells me I can’t do this, I don’t have permission. The computer knows the internal memory is used, but the music folder is empty.

Microsoft says:

To set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and folders:

  1. Click Start , click My Computer , and then locate the file or folder where you want to set special permissions.

  2. Right-click the file or folder, click Properties , and then click the Security tab

  3. I can’t do that as my properties tab doesn’t have the security tab. I am the PC’s only user and definitely logged in as Admin.

  4. I then changed the Fuse to MSC mode, doing this in two ways. The first way was on the Sansa going to settings and changing the USB setting from auto to MSC. The second way was to turn off the Sansa, lock it, connect to the PC and hold the left arrow key. Both methods successfully place the Sansa into MSC.

Whilst in MSC I see two drives in my computer. An E and F drive. The F I presume is for a memory card, which I don’t have. The E says I need to format the drive so Windows can understand. Thing is I don’t think the Sansa is formatted as a Mac drive as it doesn’t show up as a Mac drive but a FAT32 I think. AT least that’s what I think the Mac said, but can’t check. Will the XP PC be able to tell me what it’s formatted as?

Please help, hopefully there’s a suggestion that isn’t format!

The Sansa Fuze is formatted normally on a FAT32 file system. You could format the player on the Sansa Fuze itself but you would need to retransfer the songs. You may have file corruption on this player already and formatting would fix that enabling you to retransfer songs again. You could try to use a different computer just to check but it may still show you that “not formatted” message.