PrivateAccess reinstall problem

My 19-year-old nephew formatted my Sandisk Ultra USB. I don’t know why he did that; he said he was curious. I now keep my external drives locked away in a drawer.

I tried reinstalling PrivatAccess, but it keeps asking me to run it as an administrator. At first, I thought, okay, a fresh install; maybe that’s normal, but every time I open PrivateAccess, I get asked to run it as an administrator.

This never happened to me before. I used to be able to run SecureAccess without needing to run it as an admin. Please advise.

  1. I downloaded it from the official website.
  2. It’s a genuine Sandisk USB
  3. I’m using Windows 11
    4 I use a Standard User account for everyday tasks, not Admin.

Hi @Mutters
Please find the below link.
Title: Steps to Update PrivateAccess Software on Windows and macOS Manually
Link:Steps to Update PrivateAccess Software on Windows and macOS Manually

I’m a little confused. Are you referring to installing the replacement app or the app installed? Either way, to run as Admin only requires right clicking on the app and choosing Run as Admin. TTBOMK

It seems like the permissions for running SecureAccess might be off. Try this: right-click on the SecureAccess application shortcut, go to Properties, then Compatibility tab, and check “Run this program as an administrator.” Apply changes and see if that resolves the issue.