Printer, People, PRINTER!!!!!

Does anyone know how to set up a printer over a wireless network?

I have a router that is wireless to my computer and the internet being feed through a fiber optic line.

My router has 1 USB ports and 5 Ethernet ports, I don’t know how to tell the computer to print to the printer via the router.

MY computer router connection is wireless and the router printer connection is wired with a USB wire. 

I can provide details to all the perhiperals that I am working with at your request!


What is the printer, router, and computer you have then I can help:wink:

I have Dell Inspiron 15 laptop

A USB Connection HP Desk-jet 3747 

Router from Verizon Fios, Westell UltraLine Series3 9100EM


HP has done the homework for you, connecting a printer directly via an Ethernet connection.

The main point to consider is that the ethernet cabability must be added to the printer, or there might be an external ethernet-to-USB printer port device out there somewhere.  Normally, you would have a desktop computer connected to the network,then you would set up the printer as a shared device for all computers on the network.

This is relatively simple to do using Windows XP or Vista, and it’s a downright no-brainer using Windows 7.  Win 7 does everything via a connection wizard, and it’s a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you, fortunately I have a printer with out networking capabilities.