Previously loaded songs have disappeared

I loaded approx. 60 songs on the 56 shaker.  It worked without problems until yesterday.  Now the songs are gone-when I turn it on, I get the “uh oh” message.  Battery is fresh.  Any ideas on what’s going wrong?

If the songs are not playing then there isn’t  to many options other that formatting and re transfering the files back to the card. It sux but the device is kinda limited when it comes to troubleshooting it.

The single “uh-oh” could mean a couple of things: 

–SD card was removed from the slot

–Pressing play without the SD card in the slot

–Low Battery Level

–The SD card inserted in the slot is damaged

I would try formatting the card as “happy” said or if possible try a different SD card.  If another card is functioning, then the previous card may be defective.