Pretty good drag-and-drop podcast player

For those who drag-and-drop from a podcatcher to their player (not using a podcast ecosystem like iPod/iTunes and Zune/Zune software, which automatically add/remove podcasts and resumes all podcasts perfectly), I’m finding the Connect is a great podcast player.

  1. Resumes last played audio or video perfectly, whether paused and subsequent auto-shutoff, or turned off when playing.
  2. Resumes perfectly *even content on the micro SD card*.  This is rare, many implementations rebuild the database every time they start up with a card in the slot (see Sansa e100 and e200 series) as a simple implementation to handle the possibility you’ve inserted a different card.
  3. Audible fast forward, which helps hear what you want to skip.
  4. Accelerating fast forward–the longer you hold down FF, the faster it forwards.
  5. On-player delete.  Great feature most players don’t have.
  6. Good display, shows elapsed and total time, numerically and visually (bar slider).
  7. Backwards search goes across to previous song/podcast.  So when you want to go, say, to minute 55 of a 60 minute song or podcast, instead of fast forwarding to minute 55, you could alternatively select the next song and rewind ("<<") the five minutes to minute 55.

(Note: resume only works for the 72 hours the player is in Sleep mode.  Once it’s in Full shutdown, resume doesn’t work.)

The only thing missing (for a drag-and-drop mode player) would be bookmarking.  On-player delete helps compensate somewhat for that lack.