Prepurchase Question Re: Digital Copyright for Ripped Music MP3s

I was all set to purchase the 64GB SanDisk Connect WMD, when I suddenly noticed the “fine print” stating that not all music is streamable due to “copyright restrictions.”

I spent a long time digititizing (ripping) my entire classical music CD collection. These are CDs I purchased as long ago as the 1980s, some of them rare (ordered from Europe, etc.). After ripping the CDs, I used a metadata editing tool to better sort the classical music by composer and album, combine multi-CD sets into one CD with continuously-numbered tracks, etc. I created a folder for each album in the Google Music format, and dropped in thumbnail JPGs.

To listen to my music right now, I am using a built-in version of the Google Music app that came with my tablet computer in 2011. It is something like one or two versions prior to the release of the online service. (Shows as Version 3.0 in the apps manager; file is called Music2.apk.) It is local only, and does not have the upload/download manager. I am using it as sort of an iPod-like device. Note, however, that the app can play music found on SD and USB memory devices, via an adapter that I purchased.

My main reason for buying the wireless media device would be to free up space on my Android tablet, because I am running out of room. My music currently occupies over 8 GB of the 16GB internal storage, and I was thinking that I could move the music to the SanDisk Connect Media Streamer and listen to it from there, or from SD cards in the extension slot. Then, I read the note about possible “digital copyright restrictions.” Does this imply that I can’t use my normal Google Music app to listen to music which I own stored on the SanDisk Connect WMD, but instead would have to use some SanDisk app? (Personally, I like the format of my Google Music 3.0 app.) Will the music industry now be defining copyrighted music as only that purchased from online services? Is there a test I can run to see whether my music will show as “officially sanctioned”?

the copy right restrictions are talking about DRM protected content. If you have ripped your music ion MP3 it will not be DRM protected and would play. 

That said it will not play in your Google app. the music will play inside the Media drive app.