Preloaded music

How do I remove the preloaded music on my Sansa e200? Not in the library and cannot search on Windows Media.


R Mutt

Go to My Computer and go into the drive, and then the MUSIC folder, and delete the songs in there.

Actually, just deleting from the Music folder won’t always work.

The easiest way to get rid of the preloaded stuff is just to format the player. However if you’ve got other things on there that you don’t want to lose the secondary method I’ve used is:

Put player into MSC mode and connect to your computer --> Open My Computer and open the drive for your player --> if you do NOT see a MUSIC or SYSTEM folder you will need enable Hidden Files and Folders (Tools --> Folder Options --> View Tab --> under Advanced Settins you will see Show Hidden Files and Folders - put a dot next to it) --> Once you see your Music and System folders, go into the MUSIC folder and delete the folders for the preloaded content you want to get rid of --> go back a screen and delete the entire SYSTEM folder --> disconnect your player and allow it to restart.

The preloaded songs will be gone. If you have subscriptions tracks you may need to reconnect to your computer and update the license information as that is stored in the System Folder.

Other people will have other methods, but this one’s worked the most reliably for me in the past.

Well said… Formatting will remove the preloaded songs… Actually that is the only sure way to remove them… :slight_smile: \m/

Nice reply. A bit technical for some people. But this method will work as well.

Last night I tried to delete seven of the “pre-songs” and it deleted ALL the songs I put.

The only songs I have now are the pre-songs I didn’t delete.

And when I go in the Music Folder I can see all the songs I had (256 songs) but when I check my songs on my sansa, they aren’t there O_O

I’m so confused.

I tried to put all the songs but it said that I already have the song there, and it asked me if i wanted to replace that song by this one, even if its the same song.

Help me please ?

A common problem is that MUSIC is hidden my default. make sure it is showing before you go around deleting stuff.