pre recorded music card

i have one of the pre recorded music cards with the 1000 songs on it, bought the card adapter to use in my nextbook tablet but all i get over and over is the intro all 16mins of it how to do get to the music or will it not work in e-tablet.


The SlotMusic and SlotRadio cards will only work in certain SanDisk mp3 players.

And in some mobile phones.

so even with the sd card adapter to to fit my nextbook tablet(uses sd cards to expand the memory) it won’t work? bummer the guy at best buy said it would, and now i am stuck with a card because once it is opened according to the package it can’t be returned.

thanks so much

Go back to Best Buy and ask to speak to a manager. You shouldn’t be stuck with a card you can’t use because you were given bad information by a store employee.

thank you will do that.