Power %!

Hey, just saw this…under system settings/info beneath the videos is a power entry with % of power (of the battery charge I assume) This is new with the new firmware, yes? Never noticed it before.

I was going to ask the same thing.  I dont’ think I saw it before either.   Of course this morning mine was at 100% when I checked to see if my new micro card would show up (it did) and I haven’t checked it yet and it’s busy getting a movie put on the card right now… So if it does show a difference, that would be so nice!  Have you noticed a difference in yours?

Yep you’re right, it is new! And kind of useful!

Mine is showing 84% now (after watching a bit of a movie).

The power percentage display in “Info” has made its way over from the Sansa Clip.

Pretty cool function, huh?

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In the more recent Sandisk players, it seems like the battery meter is more accurate, also.

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@gabe565 wrote:
In the more recent firmware, it seems like the battery meter is more accurate, also.

I know huh? I used to own an e250 (gave to sister) and the battery meter was cut into four parts so if it was about 65% it’d show half a battery, not in between 3/4 and 1/2.

I owned an e260 (gave it to my sister, too) and I always was annoyed at how unaccurate it was, but the Fuze is better at that!

Why is this hidden on the system information page? Why can’t it be showing all the time, replacing the battery icon?

Cuz the battery bar looks k00l dawg. Well I suppose that SanDisk should have a system setting that allows you to show the battery bar, the battery bar and the percentage, or just the percentage.

The battery meter display of the Clip displays in ten steps, compared to the LCD displays of the e200 and Fuze, that display in four steps of 25 per cent.  The Fuze analog display would be much improved if the finer graduations could be employed.

The data displayed in “info” is the calculation that is available in MTP mode from the PC.  To display the battery life at a glance, I agree that the analog dsplay is more convenient as implemented, but going to the ten-step resolution would be an improvement.

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My Fuze doesn’t display in four steps like the E200.  I’m pretty sure it uses a 10 step meter.  I had an E280 for 18 months so the difference was obvious.

I haven’t looked closely at the Fuze versus the e200, to see if the resolution is improved.  I merely glance at the display.  The v2 display is definitely four steps currently, but if I recall correctly, you may be on to something, as I recall seeing just a wee bit of white on the Fuze meter, perhaps at least double the e200, at eight steps?

Perhaps someone who’s had a chance to stare at the display more closely can chime in!  It’s entirely possible that sansafix has slipped a ten-step meter on us!  Yep, ten it is, like the wee Clip.

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The battery meter has finer increments like the Clips.

I noticed that, too! It’s a lot more accuate.

It goes by a ten stepp meter.

100% is full, 90 is the + sign empty, 80 has about 1mm cut off, 70 looks like 2.5mm away from the left of battery, 60 is about 3mm, 50 is half (:O), and it gradually goes down and all, with only 10% and lower having a small red indicator. Also, it’d be nice to see a ‘Charging’ screen on the Fuze, like with the e200 series.