Power Usage Relative to Volume?

What difference does volume make to power useage? Since the Clip volume must be quite high for its output to match that of my car radio/CD, I wonder if -when running on battery, it would last longer at a lower setting and instead increasing the volume on the head unit? I understand it could run on charger input but that is less convenient.

Also, is the battery’s lifetime affected by how it used and charged? For instance would it be extended if generally allowed to run down before a full charge and so on? Or on the contrary would it be shortened if often “topped up”?

Running into an auxiliary input, the battery drain is dependent upon the drive current.  Driving a headphone, we’re pushing through a 16 to 32 ohm impedance, but this isn’t always the case with feeding an auxiliary device.

If the resistance is high, the Clip won’t have any problems with the volume set high.

The Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery of the new Clip is happiest when treated like an automotive battery: keep it topped off, rather than deep-cycling the device.   

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Thanks Bob. :smiley: