Power output needed and shuffle mode modification?

Hi to every body,

my English is not that good, I beg you pardon, nevertheless I hope you understand my wishes.

It’s nice to use a Sansa Clip with 8 GB of Memory in different ways.

I use it in the car and at home and I think (hope) it is possible to modify some points in one of the next firmware updates.

At first , I know, it is not made for the way I use it (maybe some others use it the same way), but at home I connect it to a normal Stereoamplifier because it’s funny to switch on the Sansa Clip - turn it into the random / shuffle mode - and switch on the amplifier and there is mixed / shuffled music for a long time without changing the CD every hour. Unfortunately the output Volume is not enough, or better, is lower than with (by) a normal CD-Player, so it is necessary to turn higher the volume at the amplifier which results in reasonable sound, which is good, and results in more energy consumption which is not so good. So I think, it would be fine the engineers implement a feature like " If -Then- Else", means "If there is a charger connected and the impedance is different from a normal earphone - Than change the output to a higher level, lets say 50% more or at a level which is at the range of the most auxiliary inputs from normal amplifiers (150 –200 mV/20 kOhm) - Else act normal. There could also be instead of an alternative simple function doing the same. Just ad a 3d Point to the Menu Volume “Line out”.

At second , to fill a 8GB Memory is quit hard (1200 - 1500 songs at 192kbps) and I think most of the user fill it step by step. Unfortunately again, every time you add a couple of songs to the memory, the Sansa Clip starts new with shuffle / random / Zufallswiedergabe, so you have to listen to the songs again that are already played. Maybe you never will hear all songs as long as you add new songs. One more point (function) at the Menu “Playback/Wiedergabe” could help very much: The existing points are “shuffle”, “without repetition”, “with repetition”. The new point could be named “continue with new adding”. The function of the new point “continue with new adding” should continue the random / shuffle mode without playing the already played songs and adding only the new loaded songs. (To play shuffle without repetition means to me, it must exist a internal database/playlist, which is shorten by every played song, so that the Sansa Clip stops when all songs are played and the database/playlist is empty.) In the case of the new Menupoint the existing internal database/playlist just add the new songs and go on without starting new.

At third , to show what happens at the moment, the display could show " number XXX is played at the moment / from XXX songs allover / left to play XXX songs", if impossible to programming, it could be like “XXX songs overall / left to play XXX songs”. In all cases the important thing is “left to play XXX songs”, it reflects the number of songs which are not played yet and reflects the added number of new (old not played plus new) songs. This would be a good visual control when new songs added.

In the last version of firmware …32 the number of the actual playing song and the overall number of songs is displayed. I think it is not very important to show the number of the actual playing song because, if exist, the name and so on is displayed also. Better would be to show how many songs are left to play.

At last , if there is not enough space on the display for the last point, just make the symbol for battery loading smaller, don’t use a progressbar and make the new smaller symbol blinking, slow blinking for very low battery, very fast blinking for nearly full and stop blinking for full battery.

I hope the management and the programmers give me their ears and eyes, think and maybe implement the described features. In my opinion these asked things are not silly but very helpful for an easier use.

Thank you for your time to reed this.



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