Power on = Play

Please help…I’m thinking something is suddenly funky w/ my Clip. Try this: (1) While in Play mode on any song, press/hold power switch up to power off, then (2) Press/Hold up again to power unit back on

When the Clip comes back on, does it automatically go back into play mode and pick up where you left off in the song? I’m pretty sure I’ve always had to press the play button to restart the track playing again or it starts back up w/ the song on Pause. 

Does everybody’s Clip do this on power on or is my Clip messed up? 

If you don’t pause it before you power off, it will play when you power on.  Just press pause first.

Mine has always had the behavior you describe: if it was playing when turned off, it will resume playing just by turning it on (no need to press play). If it was paused when turned off, will remain paused when on again.

I don’t know wether this has been with all firmware versions, as the first thing I did with my clip was upgrading to the latest version (029). Maybe with some upgrade the behavior was changed.

Before upgrading to the last firmware version, my Clip had the behaviour you describe. It always started in pause mode after switching on. Now it starts in the same mode (play / pause) as it was before switching off.