Power issues with SlotRadio?

Had clip for two weeks, no  issues.  Got a slot radio card, worked ok for another week.  This week I went to use the clip and it was on 0% power.  Charged to 100%, took off charger and put in gym bag.  By the next morning it was dead.  Repeat, same result (made sure it wasn’t really on).  This time I took it off the charger and checked in an hour of being off - down to 72% power.  Took out slotradio card.  An hour later - still at 72% power.  Is this the slotradio card?

In support of full disclosure, I’m on my second clip+.  The first one just stopped charging after two weeks of ownership and no amount of resetting produced joy.  Sent it back and got this one.  So assuming I’m not secretly Magneto - I’m guessing these are unrelated.



If you don’t get a solution, remember that you have your original warranty to fall back on, which would be up, at the earliest, the first part of next month, a year after the Clip+ came out (and so watch the calendar and potentially contact SanDisk before then (especially if you don’t have your original sales receipt), if needed …).