Power Issues - Turning on

So i just bought one no more than a few hours ago and having lots of trouble getting it turn on.

When i took it out of the box i simply pressed hte middle button (power) to turn on.  Turned on as expected.

Connected it to my computer and transfered a bunch of songs to it.

Then i turned it off by holding the power button for a couple seconds.  Turned off as expected.

After that i’ve had a ton of issues getting it to turn on.

So how do you actually turn it on?  Do you do a quick press of the power button to turn it on?  Or do you press and hold the power button for a set amount of time?

After reading the trouble shooting section in the manual it says that if it doesnt turn on to hold down power for 10 seconds and it will turn on.  This seemed to work but now everytime i want to turn on the device i have to hold the power button down for 10 seconds which is really annoying.

Is this normal?

I was having a similar problem with one of my older Clip Sports.  I think I resolved about 95% of the problem by deleting all my iTunes “m4a” files from this device (internal and micro SD card).  And I only use mp3 files on all my Clip Sports


Normally, pressing 2 secs on the middle button should turn on the player. When mine is misbehaving, I need to press on that button for 20-25 secs and the player comes on when I release the button.

If your new player keeps acting like this, maybe better to exchange or return and not have to deal with it for 2-3 years.

Anyone else have suggestions?