Power Consumption: MP3 Playback vs FM Radio

Hey all,

I’m pretty new here.  I did a search on this topic but I couldn’t find any relevant information.

Does anybody know which function drains the battery faster?  I always panic when I see my MP3 player nearing the end of its charge… it would be nice to know which option is more likely to last me the entire bike ride home from work =)


Music playback is much more power hungry, 'cause of EQ, decoding process etc.

In Radio mode I’m shure even with 10 % of battery charge you can listen stations’bout an 1 - 2 hours (i supose it should be so)

Hmmm… When I used to use Clip, I noticed that battery level decreased much faster when I listened to the radio, especially when I was moving from one place to another (signal loss, stereo-mono switching, etc.).

I’d bet radio uses more power than plain music playback since the RF receiver section can take quite a bit of power.  While there is no EQ processing being done you still have to run the audio power stages so that’s a constant power drain when in use.