Possible to shuffle only some of the stored selections?

The music stored on my Clip+ is divided into “popular” albums and “classical” albums.  Is there a way to select all of the popular albums and shuffle only  through all of these ??

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It can be done.  If, for example, your categories of music have different genre labels, select the music to play via the genre database listing, and then when it starts playing, click the bottom button, scroll down to shuffle, and click shuffle on.  At that point, the shuffle will start with the next song.  This likewise will work with other database selections. 

This also will work with a Go List .  And presumably you could create a playlist of the music you want to play and shuffle and then shuffle that list (although I didn’t verify that, as I don’t generally do playlists). 

Thanks !

How do I assign a “genre” to an album, song, etc ?  

Do I need to do this before transfer to Clip+, or gan it be done from within the Clip+ ?

(The albums I’ve transferred to Clip+ come from files on my PC with no tags or title info.)

You’ll have to insert an ID3 tag. “Genre” is one field of that tag. MP3Tag can make quick work of it.

You’ll have to insert an ID3 tag. “Genre” is one field of that tag. MP3Tag can make quick work of it. If you use MSC mode, you should be able to do it with the files already on your player. If you use MTP mode, you’ll have to change the files on your computer, then transfer them over again to your player.

While I also like MP3Tag, you also can add/edit ID3 tags with Windows:  select the file(s) (note that you can do a mass editing of ID3 tags) and then right click and select Properties; the ID3 tag edit screen is in different locations depending on your Windows version (with Windows 7, it’s under the Details tab).  And then, edit away (note that you may need to click on the space opposite the tag field to actually see that you can edit the information). 

And by the way (and dare I say it), you might want to fill in the ID3 tags for your music–as you may know, the Clip players heavily rely on the ID3 tags for display and file selection purposes (although with the Clip+, you also can navigate and select via folder names and file names, at the bottom of the Music listing).