Possible solution to "bricked" Fuze

Whew! I thought bricked my Fuze! Yesterday I had it connected via USB to my PC all day and, when I went to go home, the screen was frozen in an on, but blank, mode. The Fuze wouldn’t respond to anything. After leaving it in this undocked mode during my 1/2-hour commute, hoping it would “wake up” (it’s happened before), I decided to just leave it on overnight to drain its battery. This morning it was 100% unresponsive and plugging it back in to the PC does nothing. It sure seemed dead.

Just as I was thinking I might have to buy yet another Fuze (I DID brick the first one), I ejected the microSD card and it miraculously came back to life! Weird, weird, weird…

(Sansa engineers take note!)

That happened to me. It was cured (microSD worked again) after formatting the Fuze. Don’t ask me why that worked, but it did after many other approaches.