Portable SSD Formating iMac question


Could one of you knowledgeable souls, help educate please?

Santa brought me a Sandisk Extreme 1TB portable SSD. I want to transfer images from SD Cards to the SSD. Do I need to format the SSD, before use? I use a iMac OS. I have never used one these before. I connected the SSD, opened Disk utility, the dropdown bar reads Extreme SSD, in the main window it states : Extreme SSD USB External Physical Volume ExFAT.
Now I want to keep the SSD as a Mac and PC accessible!

Any help welcome.


If you leave it as ExFAT, then it will be readable by both Mac and Windows machines. If you reformat it to APFS, it will only be readable on the Mac, but you will gain the advantages of the APFS file system. Apple really wants to move people to the latest technology. While the Mac is happy with ExFAT file systems, it will be happier with APFS.

Keep it as is; ExFAT can be read by both MacOS and Windows.

For both Mac and Windows compatibility, ExFAT is the simplest solution.

Another option is the Windows NTFS file system. However, that requires the purchase of a NTFS driver for the Mac. Once the driver is installed, the Mac has no trouble with NTFS.

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