poor after sale services in India

I am a professional photoghapher.I have purchased 4 SanDisk Extreme Pro cards with one fire wire 800 card reader  from the SanDisk authorised distributor M/s.Tirupati Enterprises Lamington Road Mumbai,India in the month of October2009.I am using these cards in Convergent design’s Nanoflash Video recorder.The cards are working fine but after one month the card reader started giving some trouble while transferring the files. Often my Macbook Pro would not recognize the cards placed in the reader. I noticed that the wires inside the reader are not strait. I personally handed over the reader to Mr.Inder Jain the propriter of Tirupati Enterprise in the month of December2009. I wanted a replacement for the reader. After a lapse two months there is no response. I am an ardent SanDisk fan but after this kind of poor after sale services I am really in pain.


dont buy sd cards from India, then.

What can you do if you live there, then?  I am sure that there must be a warranty on the reader, especially a genuine SanDisk one!  I know that the flash media will last for a long time.  Click on the red SanDisk logo in the upper left of this screen, whick will take you to the main SanDisk corporate site.  Click on the Support tab, and you will find contact information.

I would deal with SanDisk directly if you are experiencing difficulties with the retailer in India.  SanDisk wants to take care of you as a valued customer.  Let us know how it goes!

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  1. If the OP lives there, as he obviously does, he may not have another choice.

  2. His issue seems to be with the card reader , not the memory cards themselves. He did not say whether the card reader was a SanDisk brand, but I doubt it.

3. The bottom line is that the OP’s issue is with the dealer he bought all this from, not SanDisk. Just because a retailer is ‘authorized’ to sell a particular brand of merchandise does not mean he is required to give good customer service. That’s up to him and his conscience.

but it off the internet from the us