I hate Itunes. I use WMP. Is there something other than Itunes I can use to subscribe to podcasts. I want somethig that will update like itunes does. Any suggestions?

There are plenty of programs that will do podcasts. Simply do a Google search for them. Personally, I use Amarok, but the Windoze port of Amarok isn’t too good, at least not yet (they are still in the Alpha stages of the Windoze port, IIRC). AFAIK, they don’t have a Macintosh port yet.

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I have used Media Monkey with some success.

I use gPodder (http://gpodder.berlios.de/) under Linux. There’s been some discussion of running it under Windows.

I used Juice, but it seemed like it took up memory from my computer and would slow it down. You do have to do this manually though to update.  So once a week or whenever, I would click on the icon in Juice to find podcasts.

However, it did bring over art (like album art) for the podcasts, which won’t come over when I do it myself.  And it would sort it in files on my D drive (which meant remembering or searching before syncing or going back to Juice and then back to my D drive to put it on WMP).  And if it was a new podcast it would find the olders one if I wanted them (well I think up to a certain date). 

If I don’t use Juice, I use WPM, I just save the podcast to my D drive.  Then I right click on it and choose Sync.  Then sync it to my Fuze.  Sometimes I have to change it to a Podcast in the id tag.

@scwinn wrote:
I have used Media Monkey with some success.

So have I!

Media Monkey is great for Podcasts.  I use it and recommend it.

hi :  I own the sansa 260. is there any podcast program it likes best ? thks

Marvin Martian got me onto Media Monkey and so far I love it almost perfect 4 starts out of 5.

also could try Songbird it’s a lot like craptunes but it’s a bit buggy still I hear.

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Hi :

         Thank you for the info on media monkey.  I’ve been checkin into tis podcast stuff

            I c apple has quit a business with it.  It looks like Calfornia wants to change all

              the text book for k-12 into this.  They claim it with save paper, ink an jobs.