Podcast Track Info/Date?


I mainly use my Clip+ and Clip Zip for podcasts.    i always have lots of podcasts loaded and pick & choose.  i often reference the date of the podcast to figure out which episode i want to listen to.

with my Clip+, I could check the date of a podcast by pressing the Options button and then choosing Track info.    With the Clip Zip, i don’t see a Track Info option for podcasts.    There does appear to be Track Info for Music.  

is there a setting that will give me Track Info for podcasts on the Zip?

If not there, perhaps suggest this for possible addition, to the good folks at SanDisk?  (Hint, hint.   ;)   )   See the Features request thread here. 

I agree, in podcast / Audible / audiobook modes, the submenu is different.  It sounds like a good idea having the track info available in podcasts / audiobooks.

I would like the EQ function back in the submenu (all file types) as well.

Bob  :wink: