Podcast to Fuze file copier

I am curious if anyone here would be interested in an application (Windows) that would copy podcasts (mp3 files) from a directory on the computer to the directory you specify on the device. I have a simple, not ready for comercial use, application that I use with iTunes.

I generated a file of what directories in iTunes to copy to which directories on the Fuze. (I’d update the application to browse for directories).

It automatically adds a number to the beginging 001, 002 to keep the files in order in.

I use the Folder option in the xx.xx.26  software.

I have been using this software for a few months now and it works quite well. 

If there is any interest I can clean up the software and indicate where to get a release.

Donations would be accepted, but not required. 


Sounds like a good straightforward interface–I’m sure some people here would love to try it.