Podcast Titles Loaded on Clip on Computer Don't Match Titles Displayed on Clip

I have downloaded radio (or internet radio) shows as mp3 Podcasts and play them back in the gym where my radio does not work.  I have down loaded some 50 excellent shows, both technical (political, legal, consumer, computers, technology, etc) and some music (jazz, bluegrass, broadway, etc) and loaded them on the Clip. 

I load them by dragging the files from where they are stored on my computer to the Music folder on the  Clip.  Then I go to the “Songs” folder on the Clip and there they are.  They play fine, great in fact. 

The problem is that the file names that I give the mp3 files on my computer are not the file names that I see on the Clip.  They look the same in the Clip window on my PC, but when I go to the window on the Clip I see a list with different titles for the most part.  I went to a lot of trouble to make the file names short so that they will fit in the little Clip window, but it seems to have been a waste of time.  Clip is plucking the names it display out of the file somewhere.  Sometimes they are appropriate and sometimes they are useless (ie “Track 1”). 

Clearly the Clip was not designed for the podcaster.  I don’t want to download/play music /albums at all.  I just want to listen to talk radio which sometimes has music.  I just want to be able to load an mp3 file from my computer to the Clip and have it displayed with the filename I have assigned.  Then play it.  Is this possible?  Am I doing something wrong?

I am not really not complaining too much.  I really like the Clip.  I just would like to be able to find my podcasts.  If I can’t I’ll listen to what I can find.  As I said, it is all excellent.

I’m far from expert in all this, but my understanding is that the Clip displays only tag information from the files, not the filename.  If that’s right, then what you are seeing is probably the tags created by whatever software you’re using to create the mp3 files.

There’s a free program called Mp3Tag that I’ve just installed.  It lets you display and edit the tags, and it appears it will let you transfer the filename to certain tag fields, and even do that on a batch basis.  You might want to take a look at that.

You are correct.

Many tagging programs will fill in certain of the tag fields from file names and file folder names, easily enough.  The Godfather is another choice.