Podcast sort order - new firmware

Info on the new firmware states that podcasts will be sorted in order with the newest first. Two questions:

What are they being sorted on? File name? File creation date? File last modified date. I can’t figure out because some of my podcast directories seem to be in random order.

What is the logic for putting newest first? Surely you usually want to listen to podcasts in the order they were produced, not backwards.

Any feedback welcome.

the logic in putting the most recent first is because most people who listen to podcast are already up to date and constantly downloading the newest available podcast. if they listed it in alpha/numeric order, their most recent one would be at the bottom of the list and they’d have to scroll to it. the request was that the latest ones be put at the top so that it had easy access.

the podcast will always sort by the album and artist tag first. than depending on the filename, it should do reverse numeric order. I’m not too sure if it detects the creation date, but accessing that information would be incorrect because if you downloaded 5 podcasts at once, they would all have the same creation date (date it was downloaded on your computer). 

Podcasts are interesting.  I have feeds from NASA that have episode numbers within, and others are sorted by date, as the BBC NewsPod are.

To throw a wrench into the mix, WiMP11 sometimes transposes the order of successive podcasts.

I wouldn’t get mad at the wee Clip if things get mixed sometimes; it’s doing the best it can.  There are a lot of variables on the file end too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

And how wondeful that you don’t need to be concerned about tagging a podcast, now–just drag and drop it into your Podcasts folder, without more!  (Altho, having said that, I am finding more consistency in podcast tags nowadays, as the technology becomes more mainstream.)


Have you tried plopping a music file into the podcast folder (perhaps retagging the genre) to play with the device?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

Not yet, altho it could be fun to see what would happen.  Once I saw that the song would be grouped under the podcast or audiobook listing, I thought that this possibility was just a bit convoluted …


Re the last 3 posts. No - the Clip decides which folder to put tracks in based on the genre, and tracks with any genre (or no genre) besides Podcast and Audiobook go into Music. It doesn’t matter which physical folder (as seen in Windows explorer) you put them in. However, the behaviour (like with the Go list) is based on which virtual folder the Clip has put the files in.

From my post in another thread:

T_hanks Miikerman. Just done some testing with the following results (the Clip is being loaded in MSC mode so I can control where files are placed; I refer to “physical” folders as they appear in Windows Explorer):_


 Files with the Podcast genre will appear in the Podcast folder on the Clip regardless of which folder they are physically in (Music or Podcasts).


Files in the physical Podcast folder will only appear in the Clip podcast folder if they have the genre Podcast. If they don’t have the genre Podcast, they will appear in the Clip’s Music folder.


Files with Podcast genre will not go into Go list regardless of whether they are placed in the Music folder or the Podcast folder.


If you change the genre to something like PCast as Miikerman suggests, the files will appear on the Clip in the Music folder, but you can put them into Go lists. Of course, this means that you have to go in and change all the genres after downloading the Podcasts from the Internet.


I discovered something else with this exercise - some of my Podcasts had got “lost” among the music files because they arrived with no genre.