Podcast bug. When ending a podcast if the next podcast is in the middle--

It will remember the place but the time elapsed and time remaining will be at 0:00. Once you forward or rewind you will lose that place as it will then play where it should be based on the time elapsed. This identical problem also existed in the Clip+ interestingly. 

I use my Clip+ to listen to podcasts almost exclusively, and have always found this bug to be particularly annoying.

It looks like the bug has made its way to the Zip also.

I’ve reported it here before, but it doesn’t get fixed. Here’s a link to my description of it.

The thing that needs to be fixed is the timer resetting to 00:00:00 when jumping to the next episode. The playback resumes at the correct position, but the timer goes back to 00:00:00. At this point the only way to not lose your position is to listen all the way to the end of the current episode/file. When advancing to a podcast with a bookmark, the player needs to 1. Start playback at the bookmark position and 2. Update the timer to the bookmark position. It’s only doing the playback part, not the timer part.

Another item of note: this bug only occurs when automatically advancing to the next podcast at the end of the current podcast. It does not happen if manually advancing.

I just never listen to podcasts out of order to get around it.

I was playing around with one of my old original Clips and the bug does NOT happen on the original clip.

It looks like it was introduced on the Clip+ and was carried over to the Clip Zip.

Yeah, I know. The original Clip DID NOT have this bug and smoothly went from the end of one podcast to the other remembering the place and time of the next podcast. I really hope they fix this bug as it is annoying. On the Clip+ as well it should be fixed.