I just got a 8GB Fuze+ - my old refurb Zune died and so I am used to that.  Two things are much missed by me - in podcasts there are no “tabs” - you just fast forward or back. And when you turn it off it “loses” your place in a podcast.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it is? Is there anything I can do “fix” this?

You have to pause the Podcast first before you turn it off.

I just got my sansa.  When I go to listen to audiobook the screen says “Please activate your device”.  How do I do this?

What is the source of your audio book?  You must transfer and authorize the device using the client (Audible, NetLibrary, Overdrive) that your audio book is from.

If you directly transfer the book file to the device, the license data isn’t transferred.

Bob  :wink: