Plug in Problem / Battery Level Display.....

Hey guys, been a while…

E260 V2 4GB 

My Main Problem is when I go to plug it in to charge it keeps disconnecting and re connecting.

making that beep noise when plugging in and unplugging the device.

Also, after, I unplug from a full charge, the database wil refresh and all that while I still see my almost dead battery status just before I charged, After a reboot the batter shows full charge, wonder why??

Is there any other way of fixing the first mentioned problem w/o having to reformat?

  • could care less about the battery status, lol just thought a mention of it was in order, lol


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Sounds like it’s having a hard time maintaining a data connection.

Try MSC mode rather than MTP, a different USB port, maybe a different computer. This similar thread may help.