plug Clip Zip into guitar amplifier for play along?

I have a guitar amplifier that accepts CD input for play- along purposes. Can I use the Clip Zip for this purpose and, if so, what output from the Clip Zip would I utilize? The only output I see, other than the data port, is the earphone jack…

Headphone jack. If you’re in the EU you’ll probably need to set the region code to USA otherwise it won’t output enough voltage.

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I’m in the U.S.

so- run cable from headphone jack in Clip Zip to CD Input on amplifier?

Yeah thats all you should need. Clip puts out almost a volt on the USA setting and max volume, which is what most input jacks expect.

“Clip puts out almost a volt”

Almost a volt? The other posts I read claimed maximum output was around half a volt.