Ploddingly slow track select, tried all suggestions here, help!

This may have been answered somewhere here, I’ve read everything I could and may have missed something, but here’s my deal: -16gb microsdhc -Fuze v2 WITH updated firmware -All tags ID3v2.3 -2000+ tracks on card alone Media refresh takes fifteen to thirty minutes. Beginning playback takes at least fifteen to twenty seconds. It takes anywhere from ten to fifteen seconds to skip a track (forward/backward both)- exponentially worse if the track skip is hit more than once. Past suggestions that I’ve implemented which have given no relief: 1. Formatting FAT32 2. Using SDFormatter 3. Putting files into multiple different folders 4. Stripping all tags down to track/artist in ID3v2.3 (and yes, there isn’t any album art) 5. Firmware update 6. Petting my Fuze gently and telling it “you’re the only one for me” Any suggestions?

It’s not just ID3v2.3 . If they have Unicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16)  tags you may still have trouble.  And if there are long Comments, that can also be a problem.

They really need to be ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Do it with mp3tag. Unfortunately, mp3tag won’t tell you how the characters are currently encoded–you have to reset the default in Tools/Options/Mpeg/Write and Save them.  I see you’ve already blanked out Comments. 

That’s a huge collection, so it will take a while if you decide to try it.

I don’t think it’s just the sheer number of tracks, which will slow down the refresh when you turn it on. Because it is struggling when you change tracks as well, I really suspect there is still a problem with the track encoding. Unfortunately, with that many tracks it’s going to take you a while to convert.

If you can, save the whole collection elsewhere and fix a few albums with mp3tag, and see if they change tracks more easily. That would at least give you a clue about whether it’s worth converting everything.

Yeah, as I said, I stripped the tracks down to ONLY artist and title. The tags are already ISO-8859-1. Anything else?

Foreign characters? Unusual bitrates? People used to say VBR tripped up the Fuze, but I’ve never had that problem with VBR files. If they were at a very low bitrate it might make the Fuze a little crazy.

Also, any difference between behavior from internal memory and behavior from the microSD card? It could be a problem with the card or slot.

I have 1983 songs on my Fuze at the moment, and refresh takes maybe two or three  minutes, while skipping tracks is no problem at all.

Foreign characters, no. Unusual bitrates, no. No VBR’s except what I had on there to begin with. New tracks are all FLAC and MP3 (192-320). Any other suggestions before I buy more hardware to test against? You’re using SDHC? Can you give me brand, capacity, speed?

Ah, wait a minute. You didn’t mention FLAC before. Bingo.

Although the Fuze is supposed to play FLAC, it likes some FLAC encoders better than others, and FLAC tagging apparently comes in various flavors too. There’s also some FLAC bitrate–was it 24-bit?–that the Fuze just doesn’t play, unless that was recently fixed. Search around these forums (or ) for FLAC info. I haven’t had any problems with the occasional FLAC file, but I really don’t use it much.  FLAC was a very late addition to the Fuze software, and the Fuze has never been able to handle all the variations. It’s a shame, but that’s the reality.

Try removing the FLAC files and see if your problem goes away. Then maybe someone here can help you with how to encode or tag them in a Fuze-friendly way.Or, if it were me, I’d just convert them to 256 or 320 kbps mp3, unless you are one of the very rare people who hears a difference between lossless (FLAC) and high-quality lossy (mp3) files during real-world use of the Fuze.

You can search the forum for FLAC glitches, like FLACs tagged with Easytag:

Or FLACs ripped with FreeRIP

Typing FLAC into the search box will pop up a lot more.

For what it’s worth, my microSD is a 16GB SanDIsk card, class 2, nothing fancy. It’s usually got more than 15GB of music on it, no photos or videos. But now I doubt it’s your card. It’s the FLACs.

Tested with only MP3’s, scrubbed ALL tags and went naked filenames. Still no go. By this point, I’m tired of wasting my time and I think I’ll give up on having a 16gb card. I’m tired of doing this. Thanks for the help anyway, Black-Rectangle.

Have you tested the card with H2testw ?   It’ll check the read/write speed and for any bad sectors.  I recommend formatting the card first and testing it through a reader/writer (or through a card slot on your computer if there is one ) for the best test results.  It’ll let you know whether you have a defective card or not.

If the test results are good, then it may be the card port on the fuze that’s causing all the issues.

The fuze can handle cards up to 32gb.  I have one in my fuze now with over 1,400 songs on it that’s a mix of mp3 (128kbps to 320kbps) and FLAC.  It’s a Sandisk card by the way, class 4.