pleaseeeee help me

When I bought my sansa clip I came home and plugged it into my computer (which is Windows xp)

and it said something about an error and ever since then I can not find it anywhere on my computer since then I have lost my Sansa Clip and went out and bought it AGAIN. and this new one I got STILL doesnt work. I paid $70 for it and it only workd on my dads computer and I dont get the chance to go on it that often. I love the player it works GREAT. I just wish it would work with my computer since I spent so much money on it. so someone please please help me. and I don’t know if I will remember to check the reply on this but my e-mail is

so someone please e-mail me and help!!!

Like any other device in WindowsXP that failes, you can remove it in the device manager.  The next time you attach it, you will restart the connection process.

I’m assuming you’re in MSC mode on the clip…

Having worked with dozens of different USB jump drives on numerous Windows XP machines at work, I occasionally run into one that has the symptoms you describe (I know you’re talking about your clip, but in MSC mode, it functions nearly the same).  You plug it in, and you get an indication in your status bar that allows you to “safely remove” the device, but when you go to windows explorer, it doesn’t show up as a drive.

I don’t know why this happens, but I do know how to fix it.  For some reason, the culprit is normally that the computer doesn’t like the drive letter assignment that was automatically chosen for the drive when you inserted it, and you need to change it.  From your desktop, you need to right-click on the “My Computer” icon, and select the “Manage” icon to bring up a “Computer Management” window.  Go down to the Storage->Disk Management option.  Under the “Volume” section, right-click on the removable drive corresponding to your clip, and select the “Change Drive Letter And Paths” option.  Change the drive letter to something different and hit OK.

You should now be able to see your drive in Windows explorer if that was the problem.