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Talk nerdy to me. Oooh baby!

ram, hard drive, floppy disk… o my

No no the saying is byte, megabyte and gigabyte oh my.

am I the only one who has stuck a usb connection inside the lanport on accident. It fits almost perfectly

I’d have to go with yes. But least you haven’t blown up your internet connection beyond repair.


You’re putting a rectangular plug into a square hole.

they are both on the back of my laptop. =(

atleast my co-worker agreed with me, now i just feel silly.

Like I said I did worse.

Better to feel silly than be dumb.  :smileyvery-happy:

It’s ok though- when I joined the Army (April 2000) I endured almost a year of bootcamp and technical training to get to my first assignment and be told I’ll be working in the mailroom for 6 months. The first day after I finally got out and got to the shop I’d be working in I accidentally broke the cable off a $35,000.00 “klystron”. And it can’t be re-attached.  At least we were replacing the klystron because they suspected it was bad anyways…

And my first week on the new job here (Afghanistan) I swapped power cables on printers without checking if the power was the same. It wasn’t. Printers that run on 110v don’t like 220v.  “POP!” and a burning smell is never good…     But at least they had a powersupply in stock for the printer so we didn’t have to wait 3 months…

(And i should have known better- I fried my personal computer’s powersupply the same way back in Germany a long time ago…)

So cheer up!! :smileyvery-happy:

remind me not to come to you for power issues :smiley:

Its ok, I put my ram sticks in backwards, and blew up my mobo…

Don’t ask…

Now I don’t feel quite so dumb. Just glad I had a step-dad who reformated it for me for free.