Please make an utility to COMPLETELY uninstall SMC

The title says it all. I installed SMC for a short amount of time on one of my PC’s, then decided I didn’t need it and uninstalled it. STILL, whenever I plug in a USB I get a pop up menu with things I might want to do. Near the top of the list is:

Sansa Media Converter

using Sansa Media Converter

There is no icon next to this like the other options like “Play with Windows Media Player” have.  I spent a good hour or so trying to find the right registry entries to delete, all that did was to break this function until I put the registry entries back.

That is a Ghost in your machine :cry:. Its a remnant of the SMC program, Left in the code that creates that pop up operation. All I can tell you is that it is not hurting your system it is just annoying as all get out. Try reinstalling SMC, and then Uninstalling it, and when you go thru the uninstall instead of just clicking next as fast as you can (I do that a lot) Check for a box that says delete all files, or something to that affect, and make sure it is selected. If that option is not there then I hate to say it nut you may be stuck with a remnant.