PLEASE make a Media Drive app for Windows RT

I beg of you, please please please develop a Windows RT-compatible Media Drive app. I know there aren’t a lot of us RT users, and Dell is dropping RT which will only exacerbate the lack-of-apps issue. But with one USB port on the RT taken up by the mouse, there is no more perfect solution to external storage issues than Sandisk’s wireless portable drives.

Most RT users I know are like me, working in Education. RT is an awesome system for all sorts of reasons. But app developers don’t really develop for it, and that’s a major hinderance.  

Please, please, please help the RT community with an app so we can connect our Sandisk wireless drives. This is such an awesome product. I have it connected to my Android tablet. I love the way it works through my internet connection. I love everything about it. I just need to be able to use it with my RT system, or I’m going to have to return it. 

Please help!!!