Please let me know what you think!

I searched the boards unsuccessfully and have a question for all the sansa E200 series owners out there. I am very interested in upgrading my current mp3 play to a E280. My main interest, and what I feel sets it apart from other players is the option to listen to and record radio. I am hoping that someone can provide me with their opinion of the quality (i.e… reception) and functionality of the record option. I am planning on recording a morning show on the way to work and listen to it later in the day at the gym.

I have also been looking at the Sirius Stiletto 2 for the same reasons (different show obviously), but have not read many good reviews. Seems like there are some serious reception problems with that product as well.

I have also looked at the C250, is the radio better, worse, or same than the E200’s?


I’d say the e200’s a step up…  in regards to how well it works, well, it only records in WAV format.  The quality’s okay…  fine for talk radio, okay for music but not great.  Reception seems to vary, it’s okay for me as well, but I’m reminded occasionally that it isn’t as good as even a basic radio with an antenna.  If you want to record music from FM radio with decent quality, your best bet is to get an actual appliance type unit with a real antenna; even an old casette radio will probably do a half-decent job.  You can also set your computer up to record through the sound card and just hook that up to a headphone or line-out jack on a good radio.