After finding this site and reading some of the posts, everyones got me wonder rather I should keep it or not.  I bought a connect 4gb today because the price was right and I’m looking for a mp3 player or something(can’t really afford the ipod)to download music and listen to from truck to truck etc. From some of the topics on here got me womdering.  All I’m looking for is something to plug into a computer and dowload new songs and transfer songs from my cds so i can listen to them on the road( I drive a semi). I did not sign up for the yahoo crap. And probably won’t. I guess my question is should I take it back and get something different. They had a newer model there should I have bought it. Whats everyone think.  Any advise would help alot        THANKS

you will probably be better off with a player that has a replaceable battery. Unless you can charge the mp3 player on the road. You will be need tobe able to charge it for 2-3 hours every 15 (rough number) hours of playback if it is not replaceable (like AAA batteries)

For non replacable battery, check out the sansa Clip. Its got great reviews and i love it.

for replacable, cant say for sure, i use the other ones.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in a truck, you can always grab a car charging adapter (anything that gives you a USB port to plug into is a great idea, because it’ll also work with other MP3 players and a lot of phones, too.)  This is assuming, of course, that the trucks you use have standard automotive cigarette ligher sockets.  Just make sure you get a good one - it should say it puts out 5V and 500-1000mA, UL listing is a plus.  The amperage can be fudged a bit but don’t mess around with the wrong voltage, unless you like the smell of burning silicone parts and wasted money.

Based on what you are doing, the WiFi features won’t be of use for you.

Also it sounds like you don’t intend to use the video features

You should look at the new Sansa 4GB Clip. It has great sound, is very compact and has great battery life.

The battery on the Clip would definitely last for any long haul.

You can also look into car chargers. Some like the McAlly ICE FM/Charger will also play through your FM radio.

Standard AC/USB chargers will put out 500-1000mA, but I don’t know of any car chargers that are as good as that.

Check out the accesories at for a start.

Also, if you are jumping in and out of the truck and want earphones that hang on and don’t block out everything, try the Philips SHS3200.

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