Please help my sandisk is in read only with 2GB of space left

  I bought the SanDisk under the impression from the guy that sold me on it that it was a good way to back up ur system and files and what not. I’m not a computer tech by any means so i had no idea that you are limited on time i guess not really sure. So i’ve used 5 GB of memory and there is 8GB on it and all the sudden it switched to Read only. What’s the deal with that and how do i change it. I cant write anything to the vault anymore and there is roughly 2 GB of space left. So really i bought a 5 GB SanDisk. Is there anyone who can please help me with this i have things on there i need to use and i can’t. This threw a huge wrench in my program and im greatly disapointed in both the designer of the product and the jerk of a salesman who backdoored me by saying it should last a lifetime. Well it will but with not ever being able to remove the files or write to it again. I hope it lasts. Such a terrible design. I appreciate any and all help i have to get the files off it that i need for work.

Desperate here thanks

Personally, I would _ telephone _ SanDisk Customer Service about this, and they can walk you through steps to take (much better than email).  Toll-free in the U.S., even.

And they also can then provide warranty support, as needed, including product replacement, which SanDisk is very good about.

I am assuming you are talking about a SanDisk flash drive? You didn’t say and posted in the Off-Topic board.

There is a specific board for the discussion of these particular products:

All SanDisk USB Flash Drives

If you follow the link to this area of the forum and look around, you will find many with a similar situation to yours. There are some defective drives out there. There is no solution other than returning the drive to your dealer (or SanDisk). Returning to your dealer would certainly be your quickest option.

Check the toggle switch, I’d bet it’s set to read mode only.