PLEASE help me....e250 won't sync with napster

Ok I haven’t had this problem before…

When I plug in usb in MTP mode,  my computer recognizes it and asks me if I want to snyc with Napster…I hit yes, which I have done many times.  However Napster isn’t recognizing the device.

When I plug in usb in MSC mode, my computer recognizes it as a Sansa E250, a file box shows up in F: with files like music, playlists, pictures, photo, record, etc…Napster DOES recognize it, but insists that I have to pay per track transfer when I am a napster to go subscriber…(free downloads).

I usually connect in MTP to sync and have no probs with napster charging me but it’s not showing up.  I do have the latest Firmware.

Another note…when it’s in MSC and I connect it, it gets stuck in “writing” mode.


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