"please connect your player" It IS!!! It IS!!!!

I love my e250 ! It’s been working just fine. But today I wanted to add some pictures to it and I opened the media converter. It said to “please connect your player”. I connected my player. The computer said it was connected, the player said it was connected, the system tray said it was connected, the pretty little display window on the player said it was connect… but still the media converter did nothing but star at me demanding politely to “please connect your player”. I restarted the computer… same thing.  I thought maybe I had forgotten to register the converter??? a long-shot… so I entered the info. I got done, pressed enter and it said I had already done it. OK, so now what??? Do I uninstall it and re-install it? If so what’s the link to it? I have such a throbbing headache now from 5 hours of messing with it that I can’t even think straight. I just wanted to put pictures of my new puppy on the player. grrr. Any help???

Try putting your player into MSC mode,

then plug it into the computer and what for it to connect BEFORE you open up SMC.

how do i put my player in MSC mode?

It’s under “settings” and USB-

If not, you need to download the Sansa firmware updater and install it…