plays one song and then shuts off

After my player several or sometimes one song, it turns off. I have to hold the start button down for at least 30 seconds and then I can turn it on again.   The battery indicator is full.  This is so frustrating and I am ready to get another player even though this one is only four months old.  Any suggestions?



In case it’s a software glitch, you might try manually reapplying the firmware–see the Firmware sticky thread up above in this forum (it’s easy to do). 

Thanks so much for your reply.  The only firmware to apply is the user’s manual. I think I will try reformatting the player and reloading my songs.

Thanks again,


The User’s Manual is NOT firmware. You can find the firmware here. Even if you have the same version, try manually re-applying it.

^  What he said.   :wink:

Yes, I know that. I did use the site you linked me to before and the manual was the only thing on the download.  I will try again.



It’s definitely there . . . .

Note there is a sticky thread for User’s Manuals and one for Firmware. Both Miikerman and I linked directly to the firmware one for you. :wink:

Okay thank so much.  I redid downloading the Firmware.


Did it help your situation?


Actually it did not.; however, I had some wav audio files. I deleted these and added them back in as mp3 files.  This did the trick. Thanks again for all your help.


Ahhh. Yes, .wav files are listed as a supported format, but that’s only because the recording function (Voice, FM) saves them in .wav.

In the real world however, music .wav files seems to choke the player and/or causes other problems.