plays fine on fuze but not on windows media

I borrowed some cds from a friend of mine and downloaded the music on to WM then i sync them to my fuze.The problem that i have is that when i try to play music from WM i get " no sync rights" and when i play same music from my fuze they play just fine. can someone help me with this issue

If you still have the CDs, rip them again, but in .mp3 format this time. You must have ripped them in WMP as .wma format. WMP by default adds ‘copy protection’, prohibiting you from using more than 1 copy of this file.

If you’re married to .wma format, you can un-check the box next to ‘Add Copy Protection’ on the ‘Rip Music’ tab in Tools > Options… in WMP. This is also where you can change to .mp3 and designate the bit-rate at which you want to rip. :smiley:

Thank you.:smiley:

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