I’ve downloaded playlists from iTunes and removed iTunes DRM.   I can download to the music folder on my sportclip plus, the device syncs/transfers the songs, sounds like the processs has worked.   However, when I dis onnect and look for the songs on the player they only show up under albums as “unknown albums”.   They don’t show up as artists or playlists.   How can I fix this?   


Edit the ID3 tags. This is how the player identifies and displays the song info, not by file name. It’s possible these tags were removed when the DRM was removed.

I think Apple stopped selling iTunes tracks  with embedded DRM (m4p) in 2008.  Since then all tracks sold in the iTunes store do not have DRM (m4a). It should not be necessary to use any DRM removal software on iTunes tracks purchased since 2007?

Try using Folder Mode to test the compatibility of your tracks with your Clip Sport Plus player.
in my experience, the SanDisk players play more nicely with mp3 tracks compared to m4a tracks.